I am designed for moments of ritual ecstasy

I’m soft in details and rounded to be titillating and pleasant. I’m the only one of a kind. I’ll fine tune your interior.

You don’t need to hide me away into the bedside table.

Only look at me is exceptionally titillating

I am truly a double-sided pleasure. With my enlarged top I will open you. With rear rounded part, I will take care of your partners’ prostate.

I am handmade, and I am made of pure material which is rare mix of a stone and resin. You can share your entire intimate life with me due to my flawless quality.

The pleasure of unboxing

I’am set into a luxury handmade magnetic box with a translucent perspective, which is made of carved and perfumed archive paper. Through the translucent paper, you can see my graceful silhouette!