Cubistick – A Way to Harmony

Common moments of ritual extasy

In rushed times of today´s world, we do not have much time for real relationships and moments of mutual love. But we should not forget these important moments! We should allow ourselves to spend more time together. It is beautiful to be spending hedonistic days full of love, good food and drinks and after that, we should dive into gentle sexual rituals. Because of these moments, Cubistick was founded, to join us on these paths of delight.

Calmness and harmony

Satisfaction and rightly grasped sexuality have beneficial and have relaxing effects. Thanks to them, our relationships can be reach equilibrium once again. With some portion of humor, it can be said, that it is the harmony of Universe, which motivated the creation of this erotic toy.

Power of thought

An idea of Cubistick was born on a normal day, shortly after waking up. One single man can never satisfy humankind as a whole. So, why not to create an erotic artifact which would fulfill this vision? The road to success was not easy and it took more than two years for Cubistick to materialize!

A Clear vision

From the very beginning, the concept was clear – erotic toy with unique design which will complete your interior. Cubistick is a hand-made product with the use of the local Czech workforce, after all, cubistic architecture has its historic roots right here. Because of its clear vision and the selection of pure material – the mixture of rock and a resin, Cubistick is both an erotic toy and a piece of artistic design. It can be with you forever and it will be there for all to see!

Unboxing experience

The packaging design appropriate for this product was an integral part of Cubistick development. Finally, the unique two-part package consisting of several layers carved to enable the view of the Cubistick’s silhouette. The box is packed into transluent a paper. After the unpacking, both parts are separated using magnets. Inside, the box itself is perfumed.

Pleasure way

Cubistick is designed for moments of mutual delights and satisfaction. The shape fits perfectly not only into your hand. Cubistick is designed to satisfy both entrances of love, vaginal and anal. When it enters you, you can concentrate on pleasant mutual stimulation with gentle pressure and rotation. It will result in deep and passionate forms of excitement.

Playing on the edge

Cubistick provokes and creates emotions. It provokes not only by its price tag, but also by its design. With its design is one and only of its kind. Soft in details and rounded to be titillating and pleasant. It was created for all those who like to be experimenting with his or her sexuality and want a product which can complete their living space with something original. Cubistick is a unique erotic toy for people who are in harmony with its charm.

Make love and love yourself

Experience and feel both yourself and others deeper, calm down, meditate and make love. Find more time for mutual times. Cubistick is one of the puzzle pieces of your harmony. Cubistick is the highlight of a day which will help you to deepen and multiply your extasy. It will help you deepen and enhance your pleasure in discovering yourself.


Cubistick is the first artistic erotic toy designed the elegance in cubist style and form. A style that compliments any space; no need to hide Cubistick away into the bedside table.