Cubistick by Hedonist®

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What makes Cubistick so rare, and also an amazing gift?

Cubistick is the first artistic erotic toy designed the elegance in cubist style and form, that you don’t need to hide away into the bedside table. It is a flawless, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted gem that compliments any space. Cubistick is designed for moments of ritual ecstasy. You can read full story of Cubistick here.

Amazing original features

Cubistick is double-sided, designed for both women and men. Cubistick is soft in details and rounded to be titillating and pleasant. For woman (also for men) is enlarged top, that open her. With rear rounded part, Cubistick take care of partners’ prostate. Cubistick will stay inside you while you want so – it will not slip out. You can concentrate on pleasant mutual stimulation with gentle pressure and rotation. It will result in deep and passionate forms of excitement.

Cubistick by Hedonist

The pleasure of unboxing

Cubistick is set into a luxury handmade magnetic box with a translucent perspective, which is made of carved and perfumed archive paper. The perfumed folded box is placed into a luxurious paper sleeve. The whole box is finally wrapped in tracing paper, through you can see silhouette of Cubistick. There are two box color variants to choose.

Dimensions and weight

Cubistick is double-sided, is 9.8 inch (25 cm) long and is 2.0 inch (5 cm) wide in the widest part. Weight is about 400 g.


Cubistick is hand made from food grade harmless material using a mixture of stone and resin.