Ancient Greeks prefered having sex between thighs of young men. They were scared of women

There is a red thread running between hedonism and sex in life of ancient Greeks. But women were walking incubators or a payed friends with benefits at best. In a certain period of Greek history, mens’ feelings and sexual desire were heading toward elegant teenagers. So-called pederasty – a relationship between elder, honoured man and handsome young man was actually an institution.

The elder man was in a role of a mentor, teacher and supporter. And a role of a wallet, too. Shabby lovers often took their wards home and took care of their body and soul. Elders also educated young men and brought them into the society. Correct man desired for charming and sensual young man. Every once in a while they were grateful for somewhat rounded heteara, ideally sophisticated prostitute.

Aesthetic idol of demanding Greeks was constrictive line from up to down which provided some kind of charm to the body. They yearn for soulful asexual types. Sexuality as such a thing didn’t rise from animality, but from aesthetics. It didn’t restrict only for one or another sex. Their attraction was not about secondary sex attributes, but about something much more essential. About proportions, rythm of moving, haircolour.

Better than anal sex were muscular thighs, blowjob was for slaves.

They liked – as seen on many pictures portrayal on classic vases – small penises with overhang prepuce. Another exciting artefac was muscular thighs – they even wrote poems about that. Thighs played the main role when it came for sexual plays. Sex between thighs was much more prefered than anal sex. Oral sex was for scum – slaves and prostitutes.

Although, Greeks liked to visit heteros, love relationship with girl was not ordinary. Living shack up was not cool back then. But the love of honourable men and young men between 12-17 years old bloomed. The terms of homosexuality and heterosexuality were not known. Society accepted relationships between adult man called erates and young man called eromenos. Love more likely surged up between these two than between a man and a woman.

Since the age of Aristoteles, pedestry started to loose influential supporters. Cynics, stoics, epikurists and others got little by little seemed even disgusting. But some of them stayed loyal. For example Sofokles didn’t abandon his pederasty tendencies until he died. Greeks despised and laught at gays as are known today – with no pedophile tendencies).

Pederastic motive on vase

A woman can’t control herself through the fault of her weak personality

Ancient Greece came up with the term „lesbian love“. The origin comes to poetess Sappho which managed boarding school for young women on an island Lesbos, which was equivalent for Platons’ academy where all students kept above-standard relationships. Sappho felt in love with one of them too. According to disproved legend, she jumped into sea waves from Leukad rock, because of unlucky love for handsome Faon. Sappho wasn’t decided lesbian, which proves her marriage for a rich merdant Kekilas, with who she had a daughter. Greeks called lesbians Tribades (from Greek tribein – rub).

Greeks were afraid of women as such. In Greeks eyes they were suspicios, mentaly backward human beings because of their unpredictability. They thought it’s better to have them under their control. As said in Juan Eslava Galans’ book Love and sex in ancient Greece, a woman can’t control herself through the fault of her weak nature, which explain presumed woman’s weakness for food, wine and sex.

Édouard-Henri Avril | Sappho on Lesbos island

A woman who experienced orgasm necessarily turns into a slave of her inconstant uterus…

Just like tyger turns into a murderer after tasting human meat, so a woman necessarily turns into a slave of her inconstant uterus after tasting a man. The writer speculate it’s men’s jealousy of women for their bigger amount of ograsms and not worrying about penise size and erection stability.

Spartans – the bravest were the most affraid. They didn’t have much experince with women, they spent most of the time with their companions on training and fighting. Most od them would rather face the worst enemy than a vagina. On wedding night they shaved their women’s head and dressed them up in men’s clothes, in order to not have a trauma. Dressed up like this, women waited for their new husband to attack and drag them off to bed. After marital duties, married couple run away and some of them came back after couple months or years.

Achilles a Patroclus

Anyway, every period in time has its specifics – in sex included. Would you like to live in ancient Greece?

Text: Black Mamba


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