Four Health Benefits of Sex Toys

Busy hands are happy hands. Doctors should write recipes for sex toys! Those have a positive effect on your mood, health, and atmosphere in your bedroom.

According to a study published by the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in 2016, at least one-tenth of women experience pain during the sex – they suffer from so-called dyspareunia. Only a minimum of them seek for medical help. They are embarrassed and have the feeling that they must deal with it themselves. Results of the study, which included 7 000 women from 16 to 74, shown that most affected are women around 50 but also younger girls from 16-24.

Sex can be painful for many reasons, either physiological (like scars after labor or surgery, or vaginal dryness) or psychological (stress and fear). Sex toys and quality lubrication gels can help a lot. These items can return the joy of sex and dissolve the fear of awaiting the pain. What is great – women do not need to eat pills with side effects. But be aware, you can be addicted to pleasure as well!

1. Better sex is just… better. And you will want more

Sexual toys make sex not only more pleasant and more interesting, but they help pairs to understand what exactly arousing them. You will want to try it more often. As is well known, sex is invaluable for your health. Orgasms release endorphins, flood the stress out and improve the blood circulation. Trying to name all positive effects of good sex is futile, there are many. Simply said, you will feelbetter. And that´s the point.

2. Sex toys help to make vagina younger

Menopause is not a big hit. Lowering the level of estrogen leads to vaginal dryness, tightness, atrophy and causes painful sex and lower sexual appetite. Vibrators can reduce these symptoms and help to the fight against them. They improve tonality and elasticity of vaginal walls and help to naturally lubricate this organ. Sexual toys are useful even after gynecological surgeries and after giving birth (after the full healing up, of course). Vaginal tissue is elastic, and it is not strained too much. More blood goes to the vagina and internal healing is faster.

3. They are good for men as well

Men can benefit from sex toys as well. Men, who use sex toys intended for men, suffers less with erectile dysfunction, orgasm impossibility, and low libido. The libido is needed to be trained too… More than that, it is likely that during their plays with themselves, men will notice any abnormality and will find medical aid in that case. Sex toys are recommended by experts mostly to men suffering from diabetes, heart and neurological diseases. Frequent erection supports blood circulation to the tissues and stimulates the nerves.

4. No action without the foreplay

It is no coincidence that all experts highlight the importance of foreplay. Stimulation of female clitoris is the key to orgasm for most women and sex toys are these keys. Vibrators can be useful in case of a disease called vulvodynia. It is so far unexplained pain in the area of the vulva, female outer genital and inside the vagina. The doctors are helpless, trying whatever they can to help those women. Thanks to sex toys, women can explore their bodies and feel more relaxed. Usually, symptoms step aside. Another threat is a vaginism, during which vaginal muscles shrink against the effort for penetration. It is being treated with various dilative tools. However, a small vibrator withlubrication gel can be more useful. And it does not look so scary and uncompromising. There can be fun with dilative tools as well, but only if you do not have vaginism and somebody is not pushing you from the inside. Low-frequency vibrations can be sedative for the pelvis, higher frequencies are more stimulative. It´s not only about sticking something inside…

The popularity of toys for adults is still increasing. Social taboo which was connected to them for a long time is not the case today. Technologies are still better and better. It would be a pity not to invite them to your bed. Especially as they provably easing the pain and increase the pleasure.

Text: Black Mamba


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