Not This Way! What is Definitely not Sexy for Men?

Maybe you have the feeling, that if you tune yourself up, you will be irresistible. Of course, it is true to some extent, women who care about themselves are attractive. But it is necessary to have precisely defined borders. Out of this box, there is hell. Illegal immigrants from this box are usually returned to an empty bed.

Be aware ladies! These nine points keep men away (at least in most cases).

1. G-strings

Despite the fact that they are uncomfortable and dangerous for health, most men do not consider them sexy. Strings, especially if they peep up from hipster trousers, carved in wherever you can imagine, is nothing great. Moreover, if they deform your body shape to a foam roller, not only that men will not be excited, but rather they hang themselves on those strings.

2. Tattoo in the lower part of your back (especially if they are covered by g-strings)

Tattoos in the lower part of the female back – usually in some form of tribal design – are outdated. There was a time when strippers, prostitutes and pornstars used this. However, it was a long time before this became popular also in the last one-horse town. And this time is over. Americans pejoratively call this tattoo „tramp stamp“. It means that its owner is sexually free and promiscuous. It is a generalization, but even according to studies, girls with this type of tattoo is infected with the sexually transmitted disease more often. And we all know what does it mean…

3. Fake eyelash, hair and long nails

Men, even if they do not look that way, are not stupid. The easily recognize that you are half-fake. If you are whirling the air in the room with each blink of an eye and if they must think all the time how you can use a toilet paper with those nails, it won´t brink you any extra points. Moreover, the wrong application will often damage your own eyelash/hair/nails and you will end in tearing eyes (without lashes). Men like the natural look. Over.

4. Putty face

Perfectly covering make-up, which you applied on your face with a shovel and cross-hatched it as a bonus, it nothing men will applaud to. They will show even lower applause when you will crumble the layer of make-up in the morning and show them your real face. Toning and shading are very popular today, but it can totally change the look of the face. If you want him to like real you, do not sent your shadow to the date, come yourself.

5. Duck face

If you want to make him laugh, purse your lips. With the duck lips, it will be the only emotion he will be able to show. The loss of dignity is not a fair price for an optically thinner face. The look of retarded duck will make you just one of the gaggle and make him sure that you are not self-confident at all. And it is not very sexy…

5. Leggings & Cameltoe

There are many fashion trends that lower the attractivity of a woman who uses them. This is one of the most important. Leggings can be worn by slim women only. But even they are not able to estimate its covering abilities. After that, they look as they forgot to take a skirt. It may sound interesting, but without a laugh, it can be watched just for a short moment. Moreover, if they pulled their stockings higher than their top part (or another lower part…?), it is suicidal combination.

7. Smoking

Time, when a woman with the cigarette in the dark bar looked sexy and seductive, is over. Even a lot of smokers agree that it is normal to not smoke. Kissing of two ashtrays can be tolerated. In the case of a non-smoker, he needs a very strong reason to do it… When chic actresses smoked in movies, the tobacco lobby was on its peak and the availability of information about health hazards was much lower than today. Today, there is no doubt that smoking is a weakness. But it won´t make you a fragile flower…

Brigitte Bardot by Terry O’Neill

8. Drinking like a marine

Do not try to synchronize with his tempo of lifting the pint or shots. Not only that your physical constitution will bring you a much stronger hangover, your self-control will disappear, you will be embarrassed tomorrow, maybe even the day after that, you will also destroy any good impression you have made during the first date, even faster than your mascara. Drunk women may be sexually more available, but who wants such an easily accessible good? Especially if it makes strange noises and talks vulgar?

9. Lisping and using diminutives

Sudden attacks of maniacal cuteness can be deadly for many promising dates. Infantile behavior belongs to the playground. Men who are too old for monkey bars, cannot be forced to the bed or even the altar with lisping. It will not make you more tender being, playing on his deep burdened desire after his mother. His real desire will fall and freeze.

Of course, there are exceptions among men. Some of them take this kind of communication positively, but they are really rare. If you prefer sure bets, take your brain with you and be yourself.

Text: Black Mamba


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