Latex – second skin which raises not only the self-confidence

If you like experiments and sex is entertaining house full of tempting and mysterious rooms for you, it is possible that you were thinking about the possibility of wearing latex clothing or at least underwear. The essence of latex is in its ability to change you to attractive and geometrically perfect amoeba. It will cling you and cover any imperfection. You will turn into a heroic beast in the eyes of your partner. 

Wearing latex also changes the way how you feel the touches. It´s not like you have something on you, you feel it deep inside of you. If someone touches you, it is disarming, stronger, more intensive, more deliberate. Every touch is different, new, better… unbelievable!

Latex clothing looks great, every curve of your body is perfectly smoothened, and its shape is highlighted. If a woman is not too disproportional, she will look great in latex. Like a comic heroine, everyone wants.

Experience of prostitute Line Mikkelsen

Prostitute Line Mikkelsen of Hamburg described her own experience with latex for quora.com: „It´s a fantastic feeling, like a second skin. But at the same time, I feel like I´m strangely naked. It´ s very sexy. Shiny and tight look draws the attention of most men. I love the smell of latex, thanks to it, I´m horny much more. Every time I put the latex on, I feel that I´m preparing for sex. And I like sex in latex. I remember the reaction of the men when I enter the room in latex for the first time – in a corset with strings, long stockings, and boots with high heels. They watched me and I knew that they want to have sex with me. I felt so self-confident. And even that I did not have panties, I felt no embarrassment at all.“

Take care during the dressing and undressing

Latex can be easily worn out, it is not only for BDSM clubs and fetishist salons. Of course, you can bet that you will be in the center of attention and you will have a lot of looks. You will radiate your self-confidence to all directions and miles away. The level of your attractiveness will dangerously raise.

You can also use talc powder (similar to baby powder). It works as a dry lubricant and lowers the friction between the skin and latex. It is also being used for storing the latex clothing because it prevents layers of it to stick all together. Another possibility is to use silicon oil – the only type of oil which won´t damage latex. Every other oil will do some damage to latex clothing. It works like classical lubricant and latex is nicely shiny with it. Another possibility is to use so-calledchlorination. It makes latex rougher and is not so sticky. But it still holds its silk feeling. Unfortunately, it will be worn out much earlier.

Start softly

It´s not necessary to start right with Catwoman’s outfit. If a complete catsuit is too much for you, start with latex panties, top or gloves. Each of these elements can make a sexual act more exciting. Imagine how exciting it is when you start soft massage of your partner’s prostate with oiled latex gloves.

Also, you can take his penis and move it on the latex top or panties. You will see that this will so exciting and pleasant for him, that his lovedrops will soon flow down your outfit…

Accessibility is the key

Choose only the clothing in which you can easily get into all important parts. Even if most of your body stay in the pleasant tightness, you must be able to use a zip or accessible hole to get inside…

Summary: Choose your outfit from which you can easily get out and accessible oi the important areas.

It´s not always latex which can tighten you…

Be aware that there are many materials resembling latex on the market. It can happen that you will buy something completely different. There are rubber clothing, lycra material or so-called zentai catsuits.

Contrary to latex, rubber is rather for connoisseurs and i tis possible that it will not satisfy your expectations. It is harder to put it on, it is more solid and not so attractive if you won´t oil it by special liquid. Oscar movies using rubber suits may look good, but you need to understand that the extensive preparations were needed to achieve that look. In a shop, you can get something very, very different…

Lycra is another type of material. It is being used for catsuits covering the body completely, so-called zentai. It is elastic material that does not have parameters of latex. It is rather good for artistic performances or gang-bang carnival.

Choose the material carefully to feel really great in it!


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