A Torrent of Delight: 6 Tips to Become a Squirt Master

Squirting – female ejaculation or „wet orgasm“ – is experienced at least once a lifetime by each third woman. If your partner (or you alone, of course) is one of those happy women, congratulations! Maybe you were scared for the first time and the satisfied lady was a little bit embarrassed. However, there is no reason for that! Besides the fact that wet orgasm is really juicy and belongs to the best things ever, it is also fully physiological. It is just not much spoken about. Nevertheless, at least in porn it is slowly being recognized and appreciated. For men, it is great to watch, and it is also prove that their partner was properly satisfied. And more than that…

Fluid secreted during the squirting originates from coupled (so-called Skene´s) glands. These are named after Scottish gynecologist Alexander Skene, who first described them. Contrary to the general (and vague) idea of squirting, the fluid has nothing in common with urine. The duct of these glands can be found right between the clitoris and the entrance of the vagina. Glands itself are placed in the upper part of the vagina and can be compared to the male prostate. Inside the vagina, the Skene´s gland is very close to another magical place – a famous G-spot, Graffenberg point. It is its stimulation which turns your partner into the fountain of pleasure.

Size of Skene´s glands is individual thing, different for every woman. Its insufficient size can bet he most likely reason why a woman cannot reach the wet orgasm despite the fact that you are trying your best. The amount of ejaculate is an individual thing as well. Its composition is similar to sperm (without any sperm cells, of course) and you can find glucose, fructose, creatinine or prostatic phosphoric acids in it. The fluid is ousted from the female body by contractions of pelvic muscles during the orgasm.

Nevertheless, enough of dry (or wet in this case) theory. Let´s talk about how to achieve the goal:

1. Find G-spot

This magical area is placed on the front side of the vagina. Small bulging can be found with your fingers and after the stimulation, it will swell up and show itself in all its glory. It can be stimulated by fingers, penis or special toys – especially by vibrators developed specifically for G-spot stimulation. Or – if you like Venus balls, these can do the job as well.

Find G-spot | Hedonist

2. Make love to it

Make love to it | Hedonist

Longer you stimulate the G-spot, more of the fluid will accumulate in Skene´s glands. But as mentioned above, the amount is individual thing. It can happen that the fluid will pour into the urethra as an outfall of the tubes is close to it. In that case, nothing will squirt out, but a woman´s pleasure will still be the same. Usually, a woman feels the need to urinate after the act and her urine is white and turbid.

3. Stop control yourself!

In the moment when Skene´s glands are full; women have a feeling of full urinary bladder and are trying to control themselves. Stop it! Stop it and enjoy the moment with all its power and delight it brings.

Stop control yourself! | Hedonist

4. Stay dry

Stay dry | Hedonist

This is WET orgasm and you should be prepared for it. But it´s enough to put a soft towel under yourself. Or you can choose a place for the finale which can be easily cleaned up (the table, leather sofa, etc.).

5. Oil yourself

Buy your squirting gel, you can order it via the internet. It is enough to put a small amount on the G-spot and start to stimulate. The feeling of pleasant heat will come early, the area will be engorged with blood and relax. You can continue with the massage and substitute fingers with the penis. If you do not have specialized squirting cream, use common lubrication gel.

Oil yourself | Hedonist

6. Grand finale!

Grand finale | Hedonist

Passionate foreplay and gradual warming up is a matter of course. The key is to lead your partner to the absolute openness and relaxation of your partner. Without this, you won´t probably get a single drop out of her. In the moment your partner is opened and aroused, put two fingers inside her (the middle finger and ring finger are the best choices as this combination is not as wearing, no spasm will come and you won´t be forced to stop the massage) and stimulate her G-spot.

Then move your wrist in short and fast periods, up and down. With this, your fingers will stimulate the partner´s G-spot inside your partner. The continuous movement of the wrist with no excessive changes in the speed of movement is important.

If you will be able to meet these few rules, your reward is close!

Don’t overdo it.

The squirting is not athletic performance. Do not try to win the prize in the shortest time like a sprinter. In this case, the sex will turn into the gynecological examination which your partner won´t enjoy very much and will hardly appreciate it. Take time and practice.

Text: Black Mamba


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