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Spiritual sex: Reach the Climax

What if sex is not an obstacle to living the spiritual life, but the best way to do it.

Western Christian tradition has made sex something dirty and dishonest. It turned sexuality and spirituality, which were always allied, against each other. In its conception, sex is not a grace, it is a sin. Prior to the establishment of the Christian tradition, for centuries the sexuality was respected as a sacred expression of vital strength of nature and the secret of birth, the purest form of energy. Sex is not in opposition to spirituality, on the contrary, it can be its catalyst and ignition.

Sexuality is tightly connected to the spiritual life. If you want to dive deep into its waters, both tender and wild, you must respect it as our integral part and integral part of nature itself. In fact, the act of physical love is also sacred in its deepest nature.

Even in twisted 21st century, sexuality is still the topic full of taboos despite the fact, that it is one of the fundamental forces, the universal source of energy, from which we were born and to which we owe our pure existence.

Sex is not dirty

The feelings of embarrassment encouraged for centuries are some of the greatest obstacles which most of us must deal with while we try to embrace and grasp our sexuality. Our culture, which characterizes itself by virtue and embarrassment and in which the bloody murder on a TV screen is much better accepted than the scene of love, is not the best fertile ground for open acceptance of this vital power which dozes inside us but can burst into a beautiful flower. On the contrary, the feeling of shame is often fostered by family and society as a whole. Through this feeling of guilt, we unintentionally refuse our own sacred aspects and suppress those deep into the subconscious mind. They always say that sexual dreams and desires are „bad“…

Some people rather choose to deny their own sexuality, describing it as bare instinct, lower-level vibration and say that they try to get over it, suppress their own sexuality. But the completeness and harmony are not possible without it. Sexuality does not define the man, but it is his (or her) inherent part. If you deny it, you block energies of your body, holding your spirit incomplete, fragmented and unhappy.

Spirituální sex | Hedonist

Orgasm is neither the beginning nor the end

Spirituální sex | Hedonist

Through the orgasm, we can see the infinity of ourselves, let us taste the expansion of our soul. Sometimes for the very first time in our lives. Despite the fact that it is just a quick excursion, it is really worth to enjoy it on your way to your heart. Because orgasm is neither the beginning nor the end.

Sex is one of the very powerful tools of transcendental development. Sex with a spiritual overlap is, in fact, the fastest and easiest way to touch the mystical experience. Any kind of ecstatic experience, the sex included, is the perfect starting point for the cultivation of one´s spiritual abilities and their natural connection to our everyday life.

During the „right“ sex, we are vulnerable, open to intimacy. Not only to your partner but the universe. This experience is not deliberate, objectively understandable. „Divine“ state of mind can be felt very briefly even during the self-indulgent sex, in which there is no soul connection. We can be addicted to it and permanently look for new partners as the sex is always more interesting for the „first“ time. The real intensity, however, is connected to the deepness and it is needed to be worked on. The journey itself is the real goal.

Real deliberate connection

There is a beautiful term in Sanskrit – Maithuna. It means something like „sexual connection“ in a ritual context. It belongs to basic tantric rituals and it is the synonym of so-called Nishpatti – maturity, and purification. Maithuna uses the deliberate sexual intensity as a ladder, thanks to which we can ascend higher, to even more intensive experiences.

Sexual desire takes its power from our body and emotions, itself it is not strong enough to raise us to another level of deliberate being. It´s the tantric sex, which gives us the chance to experience the real connection of bodies and souls (at certain conditions, it can be embodied). We can define this kind of sex as an infinite and pure blessedness, harmony, unification of identities and complete loss of the ego – especially during the climax.

Spirituální sex | Hedonist

Here are a few tips show to start with this kind of sex:

Live in celibacy as long as possible. By this, you will maximize your sexual energy and better learn how to give it a direction. Maybe, in the right time, you will even feel tingling in the lower part of your back – the kundalini energy, which helps to feel the Unity.

Create the settings in which you will feel relaxed and in which the energy can flow freely. Sensuality can be supported by candles, soft ethnical music, aphrodisiac aromas, etc.

Sit face to face, touch your partner softly. You will wake up his or her neural endings. Stroke him softly but do not allow your hands to go into erogenous areas like penis or nipples. Move your hands only in close proximity to these areas. Prolong this state of excitation as long as you want (and you can stand).

Sit into the lap of each other. The so-called Yab-Yum position brings more of the intimacy and you can better tune-up and harmonize with each other.

Maintain eye contact while making love. With it, you will better feel and sense the infinite beauty of your connection.

The sexual energy is a bridge leading us back to our origins. It is our connection to vital strength. Physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of the sexual activity are well described scientifically and cannot be negated. Everyone who tries to convince you that you should be embarrassed by your sexuality is an enemy of your spiritual growth. If we will be able to return the spiritual dimension to our sexuality and transform it for the door leading to higher levels of our minds, we will be able to feel the connection with our partner more intensively and feel the existence itself.

Text: Black Mamba | source: lonerwolf.com


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