Tantra Inspiration: Hard prick? The other way around!

Do you think that robust penis and hard thrusting are essential for the real action? Is it possible to think otherwise? Even if you believe that „size doesn´t matter“ and „even a small figurine can play a big performance“, it seems like the fundamental truth that you need hard penis to get into such a tight and firmly closed opening which the female sexual organ really is. But what if we´ll tell you that not only the hard erection is not necessary, the so-called soft penetration can be even more intense for both partners? Let´s take a look on this method of tantric sex. Maybe it can also solve several problems, so common in our modern society.

OK, one after another. It´s not important how big your organ is, this method – originated in the tantric teachings – is suitable for everyone, for “small figurines” too. And the same is valid for women. Most of men think that only a rough action will satisfy their partner. But ladies know better. It´s not a typical woman´s dream to experience sex like in a typical movie scene. It´s script is always the same: the first sexual contact of main characters usually contains blouse ripping, pinning woman against the wall, passionate kissing of her cheeks and jaw… all in 5 seconds. Then she is bend over the table or thrown on the floor. As a highlight, he makes few frantic thrusts, and both happily roll aside. Satisfied, of course… In fact, in such a short time, she is not able even to get wet, much less to reach climax. If you see this in the movie, you can be sure that the director is male.

Is few-minutes hard work really enough for ladies?

Maybe you are one of those few, who really enjoy such a 3 minute (including opening the house and going up stairs inside) tornado. If so, do not read further because we will talk about something completely different in this text. It will be about soft, long adventurous experiment suitable for pairs who know their bodies well (maybe too well) or for diffident and patient people, who are terrified of sex tornadoes.

Is few-minutes hard work really enough for ladies?

Method of soft penetration

Method of soft penetration is also suitable as the therapy of various sexual dysfunctions. For men, it can be problems with erection or premature ejaculation. For women, this method can help with increasing the sensitivity of their genitalia as so-called frigidity may not be congenital, but caused for example by experienced trauma. Problems like this have two things in common: first of them is time, more precisely it´s shortage. It´s true, we do not have enough time, even for sex. You´ve been there too, right? „“I´m so tired from work honey.“ „It´s been really hard day with children.“ or „Let´s make it quick, I need to catch that show in TV“ etc. We are not able to focus RIGHT NOW. There is still something else, something more important. And if you add another factor – stress – the problem is born. Problems like this can have origin in our psyche. For full and intense enjoyment of sex, it is needed to be in strong connection with every part of the body. Do not think of emails or full laundry basket. If you are not here just because of experimenting but problems mentioned above are reality for you, several options are on the table. At first, you can do nothing and make the problem much worse or spend weeks and months on the sofa in your therapist´s office, or to try something new.

So, what´s this method of soft penetration all about? It´s about insertion of penis to vagina without its erection. Yes, we can hear your protests – It´s not possible! Nobody has ever heard of it! But it was heard and tried by dozens and hundreds of pairs (maybe even threesomes), who decided to work on their relationships and to try new tantric techniques. In case there is an objection that tantra is all about se – yes and no. For tantra followers, sexuality is sacred, but within the general conception of life. Nevertheless, sex = life. You will probably agree, without sex, we would not exist, right?

Tantrism (or tantra) was born in India, more than 15 centuries ago. But to us, it has arrived just recently, during last century. It´s not only about sexual rituals, above all, tantra works with meditation and targets problems in communication caused by everyday, long-standing life together. Tantra refuses dogmas and its ultimate goal is to achieve real wake-up, both mental and physical.

But let´s get back to what you are looking forward most – now we will take a look on promised technique of soft penetration, step by step.

1. Romance

Get ready and prepare romantic evening/morning/midday, as you wish. It means you have to reserve few hours of your time. Two hours are absolute minimum. Switch off phones, lower lights, light candles, fill up your bath, set off calm, romantic music (be sure that it won´t stop in the middle of the „process“), prepare good food, some drinks (but alcohol is not recommended) etc. Also, there should not be cold in the room.

2. Undressing

Undress yourself and your partner. It can be arranged for example as a short striptease.

3. Stroking phase

It´s not about mindless or seductive stroking, it´s about relaxation, loosening touches. It´s important to have warm hands. If they are cold, it´s enough to rub hand against hand for a while. Do not use massage oils, with them, touches are too intensive and will lead to erotic hype which is too strong. And it´s not our goal. Now, we are getting to the most important point: DO NOT TOUCH THE MOST SENSITIVE AREAS. The most sensitive is not always the same as penis, nipples or clitoris. For some people, earlobes, butt or scruff are as sensitive as more typical areas. Shortly, erogenous zones are taboo at this phase. Stroke other areas as softly as we can, at least 30 minutes. Neither 10 nor 15, 30 at least. Switch your brain to the mode „I´m doing this for myself, not because of any „method of operation“. It should be time full of love, you can stop, allow yourself a luxury of feeling the sensation of „now and here“. It´s better not to talk, just maneuver your partner out of excessive excitement.

4. Final penetration

Finally – the penetration itself. If stroking causes an erection of man´s penis, stop until the erection disappear. But do not think on taxes, it´s too far. Rather than that, try to remember some nice and tender common moments. Four times breathing in, four times breathing out, have a bite of something tasty etc. When all is calm again, start with so-called spooning – cuddling of two spoons. Man lays behind woman, both are on their sides. Woman opens her legs apart a little bit (ben done leg or puts a pillow between her knees) giving her partner access to her vagina. Then he takes soft penis to his hand and gently puts its end to the vagina as deep as possible. Carefully, with focus on penis staying in vagina, both nestle down in the spooning position. Now comes the hardest part of the whole process – do nothing, just breathing and waiting. Longer is better. Don´t forget that you are doing this for yourself.

Do you need an inspiration? Sting (68 years old but still very fit!) and his wife Trudie can last for several hours. Allegedly because he has no need to change anything on his 30 years long marriage. What a difference from many other celebrities.

During the waiting, man can try to insert penis deeper into vagina – slowly, with his hand. But what are you waiting for? For the full erection of the penis! After that, it´s usually impossible to wait a second longer, so let´s do it! But slowly, do not try to roleplay the Duracell rabbit or a dog meeting bitch on heat. Rather than that, enjoy every second of it, feel every centimetre of the insertion, after all – he deserves it!

Usually, woman is so aroused even before the first movement, that often she is not able to say when an orgasm came. It´s not about ten to fifteen seconds, including the onset, but completely new type of extasy felt from the first moment to partners climax, sometimes even after that. There is no particular goal, it´s not necessary to last 45 minutes, or 30… The method is given, just do everything that should be done and then you should say YES, WE´VE DONE IT!

Life is a challenge. When doing this again, try to prolong the time in the spooning position as much as you can. Experts of this method can reach orgasms without any movement. They say, they don´t need them. Well, try it…

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