Sexual Rituals All Around the World: bizarre and even more bizarre

Our sexuality is the queen of surprise. Sometimes, practices of females luring males or practices of the evolution of boys into men, are really, really fascinating. Join us for the adventurous journey into the world of the world´s weirdest sexual rituals.

1. Sweet potato as a symbol of marriage, childhood sex and macho women

Children of Trobriand Islands have quite a quick entry into their sexual life. At the age of seven or eight, they start with first erotic experiments and imitation of sexual behavior between adults. Four or five years later, they are looking for their first real sexual partners. Later, they are changing them quite often. Female sexuality is taken as equal to them of men. Women can be as assertive and dominant as men and this behavior is not only tolerated but supported.

There is nothing like a classic wedding. If a young woman stays in the house of her lover overnight and she does not leave until the dawn, her „mother-in-law“ will bring them the meal (sweet potatoes). From this moment, they are considered „married“ and for one year, they eat altogether. After one year, they eat separately once again. It is the common meal which is considered to be the confirmation of marriage.

Girl´s parents will bless the marriage at the moment she will accept the present for her lover. After that, she moves to his house, eats with him (not only sweet potatoes) and spends her time with him. The info about the pair spreads naturally. If a woman is not satisfied, she can go away after one year. Cheating can be a reason for the „divorce“ as well. Man can ask for forgiveness by bringing sweet potatoes and other gifts, but it is the girl who has the final decision.

2. Every real man has a knife. Those who are lucky, have the knife with his wives.

19th century Finnish tradition – disappeared in 20th century unfortunately – was used to show involvement in a relationship. Those men who do not like to express their feelings with words were able to „go to action“. Young women were wearing the empty sheath for a knife called puukko, the typical Finnish knife with 15 cm blade. The knife was used for everything – hunting, fishing, cooking or gardening. It is well known that men are connected to their knives the same as they are connected to their penis.

This sympathetic ritual was a symbol of this bonding. Man bought or made the most beautiful puukko he could and tried to put it to the girl´s sheath. If she accepted the knife, it was the binding action and the promise of marriage, if she was not interested, she had to return the knife no matter how she liked the knife.

Nůž “puukko”

3. An Apple Macerated in a sweat for the most beautiful boy at the party

Austrians always liked apples. After all, the strudel was one of the symbols of Austria-Hungary. In 19th century, apples were promoted to the symbol of sensuality in the Austrian countryside.

Imagine that! The party of 19th century also contained music, dancing and horny men as well as horny women. Pure classics which remains the same. But there is a difference. Here, girls have apple slices in their armpits during the dancing. If she likes a boy, she will offer it to him, warm and sweaty. If the attraction is mutual, he bites the apple and it´s all done!

4. Older men’s semen as the nectar of masculinity

The Sambian tribe of New Guinea has one of the weirdest initiation rituals you can (or you can not) imagine. Young boys, seven to ten years, are separated from girls. During this time, they go through some crazy rituals starting with skin perforation, eating huge amount of sugar beet, beating their nose until it starts bleeding (blood is a symbol of „female force“ which needs to be flown away) and ending with drinking of semen of the strongest and most respectable chief of the tribe.

Their semen should give the boys masculinity and power. It is the only way how to turn a boy to man. And only a real man can start a family and reproduce. In other words, if young Sambians want to have sex, they must sacrifice something. Refusing to go through the ritual is punished by death.

OK, we are glad that we were not born as Sambian boy. But there are other places where people are „out of the box“, like Aghori people of India who have sex with dead bodies floating on the Ganga river. They want to find purity in the dirt and refuse the concept of ego and standard perception of the beauty. Sex have many shapes, the same as people.

Text: Black Mamba


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